Nymph Cane - Custom Length and Color
Nymph Cane - Custom Length and Color
Nymph Cane - Custom Length and Color
Nymph Cane - Custom Length and Color
Nymph Cane - Custom Length and Color
Nymph Cane - Custom Length and Color
Nymph Cane - Custom Length and Color
Nymph Cane - Custom Length and Color
Nymph Cane - Custom Length and Color
Nymph Cane - Custom Length and Color

Nymph Cane - Custom Length and Color

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This isn't just a walking stick; it's also a work of art. And it's strong and durable as well! It could be a great fashionable support for you while walking or a perfect present for someone who needs it and loves rare and vintage collectibles. This stick is hand-carved of solid oak. The handle has a unique exclusive design in the shape of a nymph.

✔ The ergonomic shape of the handle is very strong and comfortable for everyday use. Such handle adds vintage charm and transformed the cane into a custom fashion accessory!

✔ A metallic spindle that allows it to endure up to 300 pounds of weight strengthens the walking stick (please contact me if you need an even-stronger cane; I will be happy to accommodate you).

✔ The cane can be manufactured to any length from 32" to 39" inches.

How to determine proper cane length
Just put on your shoes and measure the distance from the floor to your wrist join (with your arm relaxed and slightly bent); you can measure your old cane as well.

✔ Each walking stick has a rubber tip to protect the bottom of the cane and soften your walk, so it's perfect for everyday use! Each cane comes with two spare rubber tips! You can use any other tip with the inner diameter of 0.8" inches.

To order a custom walking stick, select the customization options below the price

  This cane on order and will be shipped out from Ukraine to Worldwide via registered airmail (UkrPoshta, official Ukrainian postal service). All buyers will be provided with tracking numbers for their purchases (the tracking number is generally accepted by global postal services).

Approximate delivery times are as follows:

  • United States - 2-4 weeks (via USPS);
  • Canada - 2-4 weeks (via CPC);
  • United Kingdom - 2-3 weeks (via Royal Mail);
  • Europe - 2-3 weeks (via local regular postal services);
  • Australia - 3-5 weeks (via Australia Post);
  • Other countries - 3-5 weeks (via local regular postal services).

  We are offering 30-days hassle-free return policy. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we guarantee that we will solve whatever issue and provide you with the best possible solution.

Customer Reviews

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Steven Schlemmer
Freedom for Ukraine

I purchased my awesome 'Nymph Cane', a few years before those Russki's attacked 24 February 2022.
Свобода для України (Freedom for Ukraine)

Handsome & affordable

Affordable! And made during the war!

Beautiful, durable cane!!

This is a beautifully made, stylish cane and I have gotten many compliments about its beauty and craftsmanship. The handle is especially comfortable. The only problem I've encountered with this cane is the problem with chipping that's happened when the cane was dropped. I keep a small tin of touch-up paint to spruce it up and help to repair the dings in the finish. Still, I am absolutely thrilled with my lovely cane and I intend to return to this seller to buy another backup cane very soon!

Beautifully designed

After a recent leg injury, I will require a cane to walk for the next few weeks. This happened right before attending a few weddings, so I wanted to find a cane that would still look nice while in a suit.This can handmade walking cane is perfect! It looks great and is comfortable enough to use all day. I will be using this during future events even when my leg is fully healed! haha

Tony Gordon
Beautiful workmanship, very well packed.

Beautiful workmanship, very well packed, comfortable to walk with, very complete instructions included on how to use a cane.

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