Thor Viking Cane - Custom Length and Color
Thor Viking Cane - Custom Length and Color
Thor Viking Cane - Custom Length and Color
Thor Viking Cane - Custom Length and Color
Thor Viking Cane - Custom Length and Color
Thor Viking Cane - Custom Length and Color
Thor Viking Cane - Custom Length and Color
Thor Viking Cane - Custom Length and Color
Thor Viking Cane - Custom Length and Color
Thor Viking Cane - Custom Length and Color
Thor Viking Cane - Custom Length and Color
Thor Viking Cane - Custom Length and Color

Thor Viking Cane - Custom Length and Color

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✔ Are you tired to use that cheap boring aluminum telescopic canes? Do you want to add more comfort, personality, and style to your everyday life? You deserve it! Our Norse walking sticks and canes are fully handmade, decorated with exclusive brass or melchior pommels with the unique design. They will change your perception of walking canes.

✔ High-quality Thor head cane is hand carved from top-quality solid oak wood, finished with eco-friendly hypoallergenic Danish oil and waxed with natural carnauba wax. Wooden cane is strengthened with a metallic spindle so it can endure up to 400 pounds of weight on condition that you will apply the main load on the axis (shaft) of a cane. Similar to derby canes, ergonomic shape of the handle is very comfortable, and the cane weights only about 1lb 5oz., perfect for everyday use. The pommel adds vintage charm and transformed regular everyday stuff into a fashionable men's walking cane.

✔ If you have a friend who needs a cane but is reluctant to use one then this cane will be the perfect gift. Surprise him by presenting Norse walking stick and he won't take apart it ever, proved by many of our grateful customers.

Please note, this particular product is the custom cane (you can choose the custom length, the color of the wood and pommel). It'll be produced and shipped from our workshop in Ukraine. Delivery time to the US (as well as to the most others countries) normally is about 3-4 weeks, from the day you placed your order. Shipping is free!

We have some model of canes, ready to ship, stored in our US warehouse. You can find them in our catalog, marked with "US Warehouse" label. These canes may be delivered much faster, but they all are 36" long.

How to determine proper handmade walking cane length: just put on the shoes you usually wear and ask someone to measure the distance from the floor to your wrist join (your arm should be relaxed); you can measure your old cane as well.

Disclaimer: This information in no way replaces a medical professional's recommendation. Canes are not intended to be used as a crutch for full weight support, canes are intended for balance.

This custom cane will be shipped out from Ukraine via registered airmail (UkrPoshta, official Ukrainian postal service). Within the territory of the US, it'll be delivered by USPS (please note, delivery requires a signature upon receipt). All buyers will be provided with tracking numbers.

* We can also ship it worldwide (free shipping).

Approximate delivery times are as follows:

United States - 2-4 weeks (via USPS);

Canada - 3-4 weeks (via CPC);

United Kingdom - 3-4 weeks (via Royal Mail);

Europe - 3-4 weeks (via local regular postal services);

Australia - 4-5 weeks (via Australia Post);

Other countries - 3-5 weeks (via local regular postal services).

  We are offering a 30-day hassle-free return policy. If you are, for any reason, unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we guarantee that we will solve any issue and provide you with the best possible solution.

We produce the top quality canes and we always strive to provide 5-star customer support!
Our customers and their feedback are crucial to us. We always are very glad to receive feedback from our customers, they give us the inspiration to creativity and endless improvement.
As well we'd be very grateful to hear back from you any advice and suggestion on how we can improve our products and service.

Keep in touch with us on Facebook or contact us via Contact Page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 288 reviews
best cane I've ever owned!

Absolute gem! Made quick to order. Epic quality. Fast shipping. Unbeatable price. My gout acting up as I age more and this is the first custom ordered cane and my absolute best cane. Perfect height fit and weight. Master craftsman made. Quality materials. Feels a lot better to use than my other two canes. Thanks so much folks!

Jack P
Qualité, Ergonomie,Beauté

Cette cane est très ergonomique en plus d'être fabriquée avec d'excellents matériaux. À l'usage nous réalisons la qualité de cette cane qui a sûrement été confectionnée par des artisans passionnés par leur métier. En somme une oeuvre d'art qui nous donne en plus l'opportunité de donner un petit coup de pouce à l'Ukraine et de prier pour la fin de la guerre. Bon courage.

J.P Québec,Canada

Absolutley Worth It!

If you're on the fence for purchasing either this one or any of their other awesome canes, than let me be the voice that helps push you over the edge. Not only is this cane ABSOLUTELY awesome, but the customer support staff is ABSOLUTELY amazing as well. I wrote into support asking for advice on how to take care of a minor issue I was having with the cane and they fully took care of me and the cane I have been using as a daily driver for months.

I was in a terrible accident where I was struck by a truck on my bicycle and when I was ready to transition from the wheelchair to crutches and lastly to a cane, this product has been with me through every (hopefully) final step of my recovery.. I will continue to use this product for the next few years to come and the one day I finally do retire it, it will make a lovely display piece to remind me of all the hard work I put into being able to walk again. Thank you guys for everything, I really mean it.

Ed Weddle
Handsome cane

I use the cane to help steady myself while getting over an illness.

Nice Walking Cane

Double hip surgery called for a walking cane. I went looking for something unique and found this Viking cane. Already looking to add another cane and maybe collect a few. Also nice to know in some small way I’m helping the people of Ukraine.

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