Frequently Asked Questions

Payments & Delivery


What is the estimated delivery time of your canes?

How can I track a package shipped from Ukraine?

Can I inquire express delivery for a cane shipped from Ukraine?

How can I change the details of my order?

How can I return a cane?


What are your canes made of?

What are brass and melchior pommels? Are they interchangeable?

What colors are available to customization a cane?

How do I measure for the proper length of a cane?

What are the minimum and maximum length of a cane?

How can I make a cane shorter by myself?

What is the difference between the handle with three grips for fingers and the handle with two grips for fingers?

What is the weight capacity of your canes?

Can I use another type of rubber tips with your canes?

What is the best way to care for a cane?